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Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Entry requirement 
Entry requirement to the full time MPhil programme is a minimum of 3.0 GPA in a four year Bachelors Honors Degree in Sciences / Engineering /  Agriculture or Pharmacy, unless otherwise specified. Additionally, a sound understanding of English TOEFL (90) is expected to be achieved before the completion of the degree programme.

Application procedure

Applicants are advised to refer to advertisements in printed/electronic media or the SLINTEC ACADEMY web site admissions page for details regarding the commencement of the MPhil programme. Applicant can be from those possessing a four year undergraduate degree in all areas of Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture and Pharmacy. All applications for enrollment must be made on the prescribed form obtainable from the SLINTEC ACADEMY or downloaded from the web site. The relevant academic/professional qualifications of the candidate should be supported by academic transcripts (sent directly to the Provost) and authenticated copies of degree certificates. In addition, the applicant must ensure TWO letters of recommendations, where at least one should be from an academic referee. Documents submitted in support of an application shall become the property of the SLINTEC ACADEMY. When there is a discrepancy between the names appearing in the applicants transcripts and names given by the applicant in the application form, an affidavit by a Grama Seva Niladhari or a lawyer to the effect that the applicant is the one and the same person known by all names should be submitted.

Selection procedure

Applications which are incomplete or having false information will be rejected. Those who are eligible (minimum GPA of 3.0) will be called for an interview. Overall aptitude of the applicant (qualifications and the performance at the interview). The applicants shall be informed of their acceptance or non-acceptance to the MPhil degree programme. In this regard, the decision of the SLINTEC ACADEMY shall be final.


Students selected to follow the MPhil degree in Nano- and Advanced technology shall be required to register for the given academic year in order to follow the programme of studies. The date of registration shall be specified by the SLINTEC ACADEMY.

    • Enrollment for courses
      At registration, students are required to enroll for the courses he/she wishes to follow by submitting duly completed course enrollment form with the receipt of payment of the required fees.
    • Dropping/Adding courses
      If a registered student wants to drop or add courses, it should be done by submitting a duly completed relevant application form before the date specified in the approved calendar of dates. All such changes should be approved by the Provost.
    • Postponement from the program 
      A student who desires to postpone his/her registration can do so by writing to the Vice Chancellor giving reasons and indicating the duration of postponement. Each such case shall be considered on the recommendation of the Academic Senate of the SLINTEC ACADEMY.
    • Withdrawal from the program 
      A student wanting to withdraw from the programme can do so by writing to the Vice chancellor. In such withdrawals adjustment of fees for refunds will not be made.
    • Cancellation of registration 
      A registration may be cancelled by the SLINTEC ACADEMY on the recommendation of the Academic Senate and the Board of Management  for inadequate academic progress, violation of rules and regulations of the SLINTEC ACADEMY, failure pay prescribed fees on time or any other reasons deemed applicable by the SLINTEC ACADEMY.
    • Leave of absence 
      Leave of absence may be granted only on medical grounds or any other valid reason accepted by the SLINTEC ACADEMY.

For further details please refer student handbook

Examinations and evaluations
Please refer student handbook

Research project
Please refer student handbook

Upgrade to a PhD
Students who performed exceptionally well in the first year can request a transfer to a PhD in approximately a year and a half into the MPhil programme. During transfer process, the student must show excellent research potential based on the results of regular research reviews held until the transfer.

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